Breed: Shihtzu mix

Age: 9+ months

Color/Markings: White W/ Black

Ernie is a very special boy. Ernie went in for his neuter at 10 weeks old, just like the rest of his siblings. Ernie ‘coded’ during the procedure. With CPR the vets and staff were able to get him back, but Ernie wasn’t the same. He couldn’t walk, eat or drink. Ernie had to learn to do everything all over again. A lot of people had their doubts since Ernie’s progress was so slow, but our vet told me if I was willing to keep trying, then we will all continue to try. Well what do you know, 7 months later and Ernie learned to walk, run, eat and drink again! Ernie has quite the personality to make up for it. He is absolutely hilarious. His coordination isn’t all there so he waddles when he walks, he has a slight tremor and when he runs full speed he can sometimes flip and flop. Whoever adopts this special pup is sure going to be lucky. We’ve grown very attached. He wins over everyone that he meets.

Name: Ernie
Age: 9 months
Current Weight: 12 lbs

Temperament: Ernie is VERY sweet, loving, social, friendly & playful. He is your typical puppy; goofy, clumsy, plays hard and crashes hard. Ernie LOVES to snuggle & is EXCELLENT with kids of all ages! Ernie is great with all dogs, big and small. Ernie is great with cats, his foster family has both indoor & outdoor cats. He is leash trained, potty trained and crate trained. Ernie is excellent for baths, rides perfect in a car & doesn’t get car sick! He knows the sit command. Ernie is an all around great pup. Ernie can NOT swim. Ernie cannot go to a home that has a pool unless it has a security fence.

**Although Ernie is potty trained for my home, it can be very stressful for your new pet when adjusting to a new home, people and other pets, expect accidents**

Origin: Owner surrender with mom Lucy and litter-mates to Gabby’s Animal Rescue due to unforeseen circumstances

Energy level: low-Medium

Grooming needs: Medium-high (we get him professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks)

**As always we kindly ask that you do your research on these specific breeds prior to adoption (Shihtzu & Pug). Ernie has been raised indoors and we do NOT want him being adopted to an outdoor only home**

Contact: Gabby call/text @ 559-737-8888. If she doesn’t answer please leave a message. Adoptions/meet and greets are held by appointment only @ Petco in Visalia on Mooney blvd & Caldwell Ave.

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