Breed: Domestic Short-hair Manx

Age: 9+ months

Color/Markings: Black & White Tuxedo

Disposition: Mary was found on the side of a road by a passing car. The people who found her are friends of a friend of her foster mom, Kari. Kari picked her up that evening and quickly realized that there was something wrong with her back legs. She is a Manx and has what they call ‘Manx Syndrome’ which is an abnormality in the way that her spine was developed when she was a baby and can cause all kinds of issues. In Mary’s case she does not have control over her bladder or her bowels. We knew that she would be a special-needs rescue. Mary had a portion of her tail that was curled under and poking into her rectum so we had to have it surgically removed by our vet. Mary came out of that surgery with flying colors. She wore a diaper when she was little, as sometime as they get older they can gain some control of their bladder and bowels, but that has not happened. As she got older, her foster mom put her on a prescription food (Royal Canine Gastrointestinal High Energy) so that her body absorbs more of the nutrients than normal cat food and she only has little rabbit sized poops. Whomever adopts her will need to continue to feed her this special diet. Her foster mom Kari expresses her bladder which allows her to run around and play and not pee since she has no control. When she gets excited she does piddle a little bit. She sleeps in a kennel at night, or when we leave, and we let her out in the morning. Mary was spayed by the same vet who did her surgery on March 1st and she had her rabies shot then, as well. Mary has been with her foster since December 7th 2017 and is super loved. Mary LOVES TO PLAY and has been around other cats and also dogs. She is good with kids as well. She has ONLY been an inside kitten. She does not know the outdoors nor do we think that she would survive outdoors due to her disability so we are asking anyone interested in adopting her to make sure that she would be an inside cat.

Medical condition: Mary is spayed, current on all vaccines, dewormings, flea, earmite and heartworm control. Mary has also tested negative for FIV/FELV and is microchipped.

Adoption fee: $85.00.00

Adoption includes: Adoption includes 1 free health exam, all vet records, food she is currently eating and a card board cat carrier. Thank you!

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For more information on Mary contact:
Please contact her foster mom Kari @ 559-280-8178 with any additional questions or to set up a time to meet this very special kitty.